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In order to analyze any retail opportunity you need to know and understand your consumers, competitors and main operational costs.


With our research you’ll know the size of your market (number of potential buyers), their main caracteristics such as education and distribuiton by age, their income as well as their insterests related to your business activity.

Retail Landscape

You will also get an analysis of the commercial environment and points of interest in real time, including the number of competitors within your locations catchment area and a list of those retailers that will attract customers to your location.

Our research also includes key indicators for your business activity so you put results in the context with your sectors best practices.

Real Estate Market

As important as to get a good location in terms of traffic it is to get it at the right price for your business. Not all retail activities requiere the same exposition (impulse purchasing) nor premise size. Know your options

Recommendations and thorough explanaitions

Your study will include tips and further information gathered by our researchers as well as detailed information on our sources of information, and If you need further information you can call or write us for further support.

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