Are you planning to start, relocate or expand your retail activity?

We help you find the best location for your business.


Our research will help you analyzing business oportunities and selecting the one that best suits your business idea

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 With Biz Starter you can:
  • Detect the best locations and know what factors influence the dynamics of your activity.
  • Have all the practical insights of your target market for the best business decisions.
With Biz Starter you get: 
  • Viability analysis of the business idea in the area of influence.
  • Demographic and socioeconomic information.
  • Analysis of the commercial environment and points of interest in real time.
  • Analysis of the real-estate supply in real time.And much more!

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How it works?


1. We schedule a videocall so you tell us about your business idea.

2. We’ll study multiple locations.

3. Within few days, we report you back the most strategic location for your business.

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Our Team

Founded in 2018, Strato Analytics is a company specialiazed in Location Intelligence and Geomarketing solutions.

We’re experts in location, market and business intelligence willing to support small entrepreneurs in their endeveour.

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